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Monday, November 29, 2010Atishay Jain

People always try to find happiness around the world, We are always desiring for some object or the other thinking the object will give us happiness. If the happiness is in the object, then when I got the first object of my desire my happiness should have been permanent. But it is never so. What I want and obtain today becomes an object of dislike tomorrow and I am eager to dispose it off. Moreover there is someone who is wanting to possess what I dislike and dispose off. According to me as i experienced in my life happiness is just for a little time and it soon then takes off.

But i know happiness is with us but we never realized if u try to adjust or satisfy yourself in what u have by doing what u like just listen what your heart says. You will found this life is so beautiful that u never been imagine before. Always think positive and never give up in your life, u will gonna find your key to success one day. just be happy and try to make the people happy around you u will automatically find a great density of happiness in you.

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