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Lets Back to childhood with Paperboat - Did You Remember?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011Atishay Jain

paper boat
My Paper Boat

My paper boat has filled with childhood dreams, This fast world with fast kids might do not know anything about the fun we had during our childood by playing with these type of games, I float my paper boats one by one down the running stream, i remember the days.

Do you remember folding paper boats when you were a child? Even while floating across a tub, a paper boat looks small and the water looks very large.

Do you remember the days? when you was a little boy or girl, ... You were always friends when raining, and sailed your paper boat on the road water.

What do people feel who have passed with the same age groups like who were born in between 1980-1990?

I remember there were many more games like paper planes, paper chopper, paper gun and many more that we used to play but at this moment this is all hidden from the kids of new generation.

Time that is went
  The best thing in playing these games is they do not need any money or any shopkeeper to buy something, it was all our world where we can create our own imagination with our own concepts. That is why we memorize the days that are gone but we still remember them.

I guess it is famous in India only although some parts of it, as may be big metro cities kids were aware of these games or not i am not sure.
There are still many things apart from this childhood story, you can share your feelings regarding the same..

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