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How to Love Yourself | How to Love Myself | How do I Love Me

Tuesday, January 10, 2012Atishay Jain

People often ask how to love you yourself? how do I love me myself?

Let me count those ways that will help to answer such questions.


I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love. It is true saying :

To say "I love you" one must first be able to say the "I."

So what does the “I” mean here? Did you understand the meaning of this great line here? See This “I” represents one who is proposing his/her love. I guess 90% of the Man does not get the girl whom he really loves, and 90% of the girls got her real love that she really likes why this figures are opposite? Have you ever think about it? No! Let me clear you this, actually this is a fact that man’s are less who loves themselves whereas girls are more who loves themselves. This is common in girls but not in boys. It means girls are more selfish then boys and it is really a fact and is almost known to everyone in the world.

To love yourself it is very absolutely essential to be selfish and to act less social. 90% of the people are hurts from someone else at least one’s in life. So, if you are hurt from somebody then we feel to say No to Life. But life is not end at the moment. We are given a very beauty life with very nice option to get love from you yourself. Yeah It is not so hard as it sounds, trust me you can love yourself if you think about what you like in life beside your love. Do complete your dream, your expectations, and your passion. Mind not to make your passion, your dream to someone whom you love the most, it decreases the stamina to love you yourself. So if you want to love yourself then start your life with fun, joy and work that you like that gives you happiness.


Here are the Top 10 ways to love you yourself:
1.     Forgive Yourself
2.     Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
3.     Believe In Yourself
4.     Relax & Have Fun
5.     Do Some Charity
6.     Tell yourself you are awesome
7.     Spend some time alone
8.     Shift your focus
9.     Be Truthful to others.
10.   Don’t sleep late at night, Sleep Early

I have compiled this list on “how to love yourself” for those who are facing difficulty knowing what to do in embracing themselves. When I first began to be aware that I need to love myself first prior to developing any meaningful relationships with others, I realized that I did not know where to start.

This was a surprise to me then as I would have thought I’d be an expert on love and relationships by then. After all, as I recalled, in my old days, I have spent much time looking for the best spouse or romantic partner. But I soon realized that my search was meant to fill the void or emptiness I had inside. Finding a good relationship with myself seemed to be an even harder task! However, as things turned out, I found myself failing miserably in my early relationships because I had insufficient or little self love.


The key to make decisions is you yourself nobody else will make the decisions of your life. It is easier in theory than in practice, but not so hard that you can’t do it. So at least you should give a try.

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