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Lovely & Cute Kids Pictures - Taken By Atishay Jain

Monday, January 21, 2013Atishay Jain

It has been awesome again with another photo walk with DPEG. Today the shoot was at Nehru Park, New Delhi.

Kids make a wonderful subject as they are so real and unscripted. At the same time it gets very challenging to photographing kids because they won't sit still, or won't smile, or may feel shy. There is lot of work required on camera and off camera to make kids as a subject more comfortable and then take some good candid photos.

Special Thanks to :

Gaurav Lovey Arora, Sundreysh Sarup, & Sachin Dutta for conduct in such a Photo shoot.


cute kid - Yasmin 
Yasmin -cutie pie

Kid  playing with Bubbles

its larger then my height

peaceful kid

Adhya - Different smile

choco Kid

Angry Bird

Enjoying Sitting

Jo tera hai wo mera hai

To toh gaya :P

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