A Walk To Old Delhi (Matia Mahal Bazar) on Sunday Morning

Thursday, June 20, 2013Atishay Jain

Its the month of June, its Sunday. Me & my colleagues got inspired after reading an article from Hindustan Times published on "May 31, 2013". The article titled with "10 things you can do in Delhi early morning". According to the article this has to be done only on Sunday So the only thing that was demotivating all of us was to get up at 5'O clock in the morning on a holiday. Finally 8 folks (including me) reached at Gate No 1 of Jama Masjid at 6 AM.

As per the HT article we have already decided to go for 2 morning activities of Old Delhi, those were-

#1 - Have a Nihari breakfast at Bazar Matia Mahal opposite Jama Masjid, from 5 a.m. - 7 a.m.
#2 - Visit Chor Bazaar opposite the Red Fort on Sunday mornings, 5 a.m. onwards.

As usual, I was all set with my Nikon DSLR camera. I hope you will like the pictures & the story.

Tips & Experience:
1- The Jama Masjid looks beautiful; and you see Old Delhi in a new light, when it’s buzzy but not too crowded.

2 - Having a heavy veg breakfast (Yellow Halwa, Poori , Sabji & Chai) was a great experience. It is available at Matia Mahal opposite Jama Masjid Gate No No.1.

3- For Non veggies it is really good to go. (we walked to Haji Shabrati Nihariwale Shop No. 722, which is equally famous. Established in 1955, it packs and sends nihari for patrons as far away as Mumbai, Kanpur, Kolkata and even Dubai. The nihari – A very spicy stew dish cooked overnight with the thigh meat of a goat or a buffalo).

4- Following the Bazar Matia Mahal & Churi wali gali, We went to Jama Masjid. & It was again a good experience to see it with the first morning light.

5 - We finish off by visited Chor Bazaar opposite the Red Fort at  7:30am. Trust me its not worth & its not a chor bazar kind of market. Most of them were selling shoes at low prices. This is just a kind of any local markets that you can find anywhere in Delhi (like Karol Bagh).

& the walk ends at Car parking near to the local market :)

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