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Delhi - Dehradun National Highway 58

Friday, June 21, 2013Atishay Jain

What a day it was :) The month of June (2013) & suddenly the weather turns to awesome. The weather made my home trip so wonderful. I had not made any plan that I would take shots when I started from Gurgaon. I was about to reach to Muzaffarnagar when it was 20 Km away. I was enjoying the weather and the driving too. From the time I met an Indian Motorcycle Rider (During a DPEG's Workshop) who is famous as his name - Sundeep Gajjar (MotoGrapher), I was fully motivated. So, I suddenly thought of clicking as I had my Camera bag with DSLR right there on the back seat of my car. I suddenly stopped my car and started taking the shots. 

However, it was a little scary to see the cars, big trucks, buses moving at 100-120 Km/r. But Finally I did it :) after spending a couple of minutes on the highway. It has been a real pleasure doing photography this way. If you are an enthusiast then you must try it once. :)

Flying Wagon R

Blue & Orange Clouds

McDonald on NH58 (Near to Muzaffarnagar)

The sky is always changing its colour


Colors Of The Sky

Lonely Highway

I know I am not the best in Photography but I am sure that the time will make me so. Special Thanks to " The Motographer" Sundeep Gajjar.

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