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10 Travel Photos That Shows My Craziness - Atishay

Wednesday, September 30, 2015Atishay Jain

10 Travel Pictures or selfies taken by me/Atishay

All the pics are from my recent trips that I have done in 2015. I am really happy to complete so many chapters this year & hoping to complete many more in the coming years. I am a travel blogger and also an explorer who likes to visit unknown places and small villages. During my journeys i prefer either to stay in some village or some home stay. During all these journeys i have met a lot of people by whom, I have learned life. Each i every person i met, i learn something new. I really feel happy when i do so. I hope - one fine day, I travel the whole world and learn so many things from different people and their culture. All the below pics have 1 thing in common that is my craziness to travel & expeditions. I hope i continue doing the same for my entire life :) Hope you like my pics!!

Atishay Jain - Author

Atishay With his travel bag

Atishay selfie from Kerala Trip

Atishay when going on bike

Atishay during some break when going to Chandigarh

Atishay - somewhere in Uttrakhand

Atishay - with a side view

Atishay -at Aksa Beach Mumbai, where he lost is mobile ;)

Atishay  at a third class waterfall in mussorie

Atishay in Tehri

Atishay at Delhi Metro station entry

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