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Wednesday, September 30, 2015Atishay Jain

I am missing my recent trip to Karnataka & a few more parts of South India. I am uploading some of the photos taken at same day on same dress ;) I liked my yellow color capris with those blue tees. I love that combination, I cant forget the drive I had on that amazing Bangalore-Mangalore National Highway. I hope i keep traveling the exploring many more places in the coming months. 2015 is just on its end. Time is flying so i never know where 2015 is gone, It was just a fly for me. Winter is coming and i am really excited for it, Delhi winters are really amazing and every-time it comes it makes me crazy to go for snow places. I hope this time I can go to my favorite place Village Bairagrah  in Himachal.
atishay jain
Yo Yo Atishay Jain
atishay jain
Yellow Capri - Photo of Atishay Jain

atishay jain
Oh yes thats my common pose ;) - Atishay Jain

atishay jain
Atishay Jain @ Bahubali ji, Karnataka

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