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Travelling As A Couple in India

Wednesday, June 01, 2016Atishay Jain

This is how we have been traveling together for 3 years. We have covered most amazing places which are not explored and touched by lot of tourists in India.

India is really beautiful, if you want to really see it closely then try visiting the places that I am going to publish in my next posts. Most of the places we traveled were Himalayas.

Me (Atishay) & My travel partner (Astha) have experienced real life inside a very small village in Himachal Pradesh i.e. Bairagarh which was very near to Pangi Valley, Chamba. I can't express the happiness we have got when we have met the apple garden lady out there.

Her kids and she herself climbed up on Apple trees (It was August) and got us so many apples for free. Even they insisted us to stay back at their house for overnight. However we stayed in the village only at a local's house, the house lady told us so many mountain stories at night.

There are so many stories, I was thinking for the same when we visited North Sikkim & stayed in a village (in the month of February) near Lachen. It was a wooden hut made by the villagers for guests going towards Yumthang. It was really nice to meet all the people who are the part of our Nation and still we don't know anything about them.

Later we went to Southern part of our country and visited Kerala in Monsoon season last year, It was again amazing to stay in tree houses in a village near Munnar and to experience the beauty of those tea gardens. will publish stories separately soon :)

Few Pictures of both of us during all the expeditions ( we don't travel for pleasure; we travel to know people and life closely) :

Gangtok Helipad
Atishay & Astha at Gangtok Helipad

North Sikkim
Atishay & Astha in North Sikkim

Atishay & Astha at Chakrata, Uttrakhand

Atishay & Astha at Bangalore

Athirapalley waterfall
Atishay & Astha at Athirapalley waterwall, Kerala

Atishay & Astha at Munnar, Kerala

The Day
Atishay & Astha at Munnar

Atishay & Astha at Allepey
Guess the Beach?
Atishay & Astha at Kerala

Wait for other trekking and adventure stories coming soon...

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