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Cafe Lota in Pragati Maidan Delhi - Most Delicious Food in Delhi

Monday, February 13, 2017Atishay Jain

Cafe Lota - A Unique cafe inside National Crafts Museum, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

I have heard a lot about this cafe from my friends and also on Zomato (which has a constant rating over 4.5 on various social media platforms). It has been in my list from quite a long time, finally on the eve of new year, me & my partner Newfangled Girl have planned to visit the place. We reached at around 4 PM but got to know that its 2 hours waiting. We didn't know that & we just added our names in the waiting list. As this cafe is associated with National Crafts Museum, so killed our time visitng it. It was a good experience inside and we saw many new crafts and art work inside, We saw traditional folk dance, hand art paintings, various sculptors, & village theme models like Delhi Haat. (Note:- Museum has a free entry)

Here are few pics of the Crafts museum-

National Crafts Museum, New Delhi
National Crafts Museum, New Delhi

Arts & Crafts

Folk Dance

Traditional Music & Art

Handmade paintings
View of Cafe Lota


Experience at Cafe Lota

Finally after killing some more time around the area, we have got our turn. We moved in and it was very nice. Lights, Decor, everything was superb. We asked waiter to choose whatever he wants us to try in veg. He suggested us to try for Palak Chaat & Chila. We ordered the same, What to say, it was so delicious that we have had no words. Later, we ordered Gatte ki Sabji - Which was like super awesome. I could never imagined that such a boring vegetable could be so delicious.

Palak Chaat
Palak Chaat

Gatte ki Sabji
Gatte ki Sabji


Varios meals in Cafe Lota

Important Information about the Cafe:
Weekly Closed : Monday
Timing: 8 AM to 10 PM
Car Parking : There is no space for car parking in front of the museum, but there are nearby parking on the roads which is close to a very famous hindu temple.
Tip: Try to go to weekday in afternoon, yoy may get your turn without waiting.

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