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Delhi-Dalhousie-khajjiar-Chamba-Sach Pass : 3 Days Travel Itinerary

Route: Delhi-Pathankot- Dalhousie- Khajjiar - Chamba- Bairagarh - Sach Pass - Back To Delhi
Dates: 6 August to 9th August, 2014
Vehicle - Volvo + Local buses + Local Cabs
Days: 4 Nights 3 Days ( including 2 nights in "To & Fro" Bus Journey) + 1 Night in Khajjiar + 1 Night in Bairagarh.

No Doubt, I had an awesome 3 days of adventure, experience, & travel to Sach Pass, Bairagarh, Chamba, Khajjiar & Dalhousie in the month of August 2014. The story begins this way: I didn't had 
any plan to go even before 1 day, but suddenly me and one of my friends have decided to go to somewhere in Himalayas for 2 - 3 days. Also, It was my birthday on 8 August, & I did not wanted to celebrate it @ my home or anywhere in local place.Since my childhood, I love Himalayas, & this was the first time when I had a chance to celebrate it somewhere I wanted to. Also, sharing at last my experience says that I have never had such a fantastic birthday in my entire life. :) 

Detailed Tour Itinerary & My Amazing Travel Story With Pics & Videos:

Day 1 - Started an overnight journey by bus from Delhi to Pathankot, reached at 8 AM to Pathankot. Buses to Dalhousie are easily available from Pathankot in every 2-3 hours. After taking a bus from Pathankot bus stand we arrived to Dalhousie at 11 AM - 12 PM. As this was our second trip to Dalhousie (First visited in December 2013) , & during that visit in winters we were not able to go to Khajjiar due to heavy snow that blocked the roads. So we decided to go to Khajjiar this time. Wonders always happens with me, This time I met a Fruit Juice wala (Juice maker) in a village where bus usually stops for 10 minutes of break. Guess what, yes he recognized me from my last trip, and was smiling all the way, he welcomes me so well that he discounted me and a special glass of fruit juice. This is called as love, there is nothing to give or to take but it called as humanness. I was delightful to see his again after 8 months, his name was Anku:) I hope we can meet again soon :)

(A few clicks on the way from Pathankot to Dalhousie)
Imp Tip - Click On Any Picture for full view on  a slideshow, All pics are non edited :)

Clicked from Bus Window from my mobile - MOTO E

The Guy "Anku" I met him again as stranger but become a friend :)
We had our lunch and asked a few local cabbies if they can take us to some good place as well, Suddenly I saw a place named as Sach pass that we can cover in 2 days of trip, I started asking about a tour package for Khajjiar + Sach pass. In the starting a few tour operators declined to go there due to heavy rainfall and bad roads.

See the actual Video of the roads we were crossing-

I turned sad to hear this, then later I found that one guy agreed to go to Sach pass :) & we decided to go to Khajjiar first then next morning to Sach pass. As you have to had at 5 A.M in order to go to Sach pass which was approx 150 KM from Khajjiar (easily could take upto 5-6 hours to reach). However, Khajjiar was about 25 km so it hardly took 1 hour to reach to Khajjiar.

Finally we started our journey and headed to Khajjiar, we were overwhelmed to see the beauty and greenery of that awesome place that is also famous as "Mini Switzerland of India". A few first view clicks taken after reaching at Khajjiar-

tableland view of Khajjiar



Khajjiar tableland

A beautiful view with deodar trees

Khajjiar is a small town where there are no such local sight-scenes, However there is a beautiful nature that will makes you feel awesome. Khajjiar actually is a a small beautiful saucer-shaped plateau or say a big open ground surrounded by dense pine and deodar trees. After spending a night @ SHINING STAR RESORT in Khajjiar we got uo at 5 AM and headed for Sach pass.

Day 2 -
It was 8 August, 5 AM, & as we started, we faced such a heavy rainfall that I have never seen in my life. We were scared as it was becoming hard for the driver to drive the even after 2 hours of continuous rainfall. Somehow, we managed to reach Chamba & filled up the petrol tank. It was 7 AM, suddenly we saw that tyre got punctured. It was all making our trip worst, still we had a hope that we would move ahead and would complete our journey. After fixing the tyre we moved ahead & started looking for a tyre puncture shop. It was early morning so everything was shut, finally on the way we found a shop opened and who fixed it up. Thank God we said. Also, we  saw that rain is stopped after 3 hours, What a view - Now we were enjoying the outside weather & the clouds those were moving like a white cotton flying in the air and that were below us. A video and a few pics clicked on the way-



clouds and nothing

I was not able to count the number of waterfalls coming on the way, it was all so beautiful to see, now we had our lunch in a village named as Bairagarh that was just 30-40 km from Sach pass. The rain was stopped and we took rest for 1 hour (it was also a kind of home stay "Mannat Home Stay" where you can stay overnight without any trouble). It was around 1 P.M. we started from Bairagarh for Sach pass. After covering a few km we faced heavy rainfall again & this time we had to face the most bad roads where you have to make your own way (I mean I couldn't see any roads), It was really scary to see the bad condition of the roads. Below video shows up the roads condition in August 2014 on the way from Bairagarh, Chamba to Sach Pass, Pangi.

Finally we were about 10 km away from Sach Pass, at a point where the driver give up and said "Sir We cant cross this waterfall as this is big and a little risky for a car like Hyundai i10". We were sad as we covered almost 95% of the way, but I agreed to him as you never know the nature of Hills & Himalayas. However we came out of the car & enjoyed the beauty of the beautiful view outside, & we saw that buses & jeeps were crossing the same waterfall. I was really wondering to see all this :) & excited too, & so I captured a few awesome videos out there.


Now its evening and we were going back on the same way we came, But we decided to stay at Bairagarh (As there were no hotels/resorts on the way so we stayed at the same place in the Bairagarh village where we had our brunch). In the evening it came out so awesome that I never imagined that it could be, We traveled the village & started exploring the local villagers & apple gardens. During which, I met a family of Apple garden lady owner who took me to her garden and plucked so many apples for me, & however I just asked her to click a few pics of her garden, and later she welcomed so nicely that I have no words to describe. I met her children & neighbors & felt so happy :)

 (Below are the Pics of the Village Bairagarh)

A Temple & an awesome view for Photography

The Broken Eyes

Family of Apple Garden Owner

Innocent Eyes

Daily Routine Work


View From The Village - The Great Himalayas

Finally we came back to "Mannat Home Stay" & spent a beautiful overnight :) My happiness got doubled when I got to know that the house lady of that home stay made special halwa (a sweet dish of India) for on the occasion of my birthday :) I was so delighted to see that gesture that I will never forget in my life. Those Kids, people & the hills left me amazed.

 (Below are the Pics of Mannat Home Stay in the Village Bairagarh)

Our Room that is better than a hotel

Home Stay @ Bairagarh

House Kids

The Kitchen

Day 3
Finally, It was the time to end this beautiful trip with some awesome memories. We left from Bairagarh in the morning at 8 AM & headed towards Dalhousie back, After covering a few points near Banikhet, we reached back to Dalhousie at about 2 PM. We had our bus at 5 PM, so we decided to cover a few local points of Dalhousie that we left in our last trip. We went to Shubash Chowk, where there was a church (St. Francis Church) where a few Bollywood movies like "Gadar", 1942- A Love Story,  Lootera, etc have been shot.

After taking our Bus from Dalhousie to Pathankot, we took another bus from Pathankot to Delhi which was already booked online & we reach to Delhi with beautiful memories & adventure.

Silhouette Landscapes - Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

My First Try on Silhouette Landscapes!! 

Another Photowalk with DPEG :) It was cold & It was morning! The alarm was set for 7:30 am as the walk has to be started right at 8:30 am at Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi. Though I got late and reached at 9:00 A.M. Ultimately it has been good to learn Silhouette first time :) I have really enjoyed this delightful walk conducted by DPEG - Delhi Photo Enthusiasts Guild ..Special Thanks to "Sachin Dutta" One of the Admins of DPEG for teaching this. I hope you like these pictures, I hope I can do better next time :)

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi 
Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, New Delhi

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bullet - My First Machine

My story as a biker begins on Dec 01, 2013, when I got my first bike i.e. Royal Enfield Classic 350 Black :) Although it was a long wait of 1 year but finally I got it. I had my first ride during an event conducted by xBHP & Flickr in Delhi & Gurgaon that was "Photo Ride by Flickr and xBhp". On the day of the event I got up at 6 O'clock in the morning with full dedication & went to India Gate before making it to the event. I captured a few shots over a foggy morning and went back to the event that was set up in South Delhi. I hope you like these clicks!!

It's a start, there will be many more going to upload on my photo blog :) Machine & Motography starts now!!

Royal Enfield Classic 350 at Mapple Emerald, Gurgaon
Royal Enfield Classic 350 at India Gate, New Delhi

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Black
close look

The world through the Lens
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Black & White

Royal Enfield Classic 350 - Standing Like a King

Photo Ride by Flickr and xBhp - New Delhi & Gurgaon

Event Details
2000+ Photographers, 11,000 Photos, But just ONE will get to ride and shoot along with the MotoGrapher in Australia on a Ducati! Lucky 10 will be selected from North India to ride and shoot in Delhi! Meet and Greet them on 15th December 2013. Gather at the xBhp Dhabha at Qutab Institutional Area on 15th December 2013 at 7 AM. We will ride with the 10 finalists to another location to have breakfast and to enjoy a photo exhibition! Look at all the photos here
Source - Facebook xBhp Event

The best event I have ever been in my life...! I met Sundeep Gajjar (The #Motographer) "Founder of XBHP - India's Most Popular Motorcycling/Biker's Community".

Also, It was my pleasure to meet Mrs. Deepa Malik "Arjuna Award Winner", An International Athlete, Swimmer & the World's first paraplegic woman biker & An inspiration.

Also glad to meet Dr.Arun Theraja - Founder of G.O.D.S (Group Of Delhi Superbikers) during an awesome event organized by #xBHP & #Flickr.

More than 100 bikers Photographers from New Delhi..!! Thank you Flickr, xBhp, MotoGrapher for organizing such an awesome event for Photographers, Bike Riders & Motographers!! I have captured bikes & machines first time in my life - I hope you like my clicks.

The MotoGrapher - Sundeep Gajjar  (Sunny)

The MotoGrapher - Sandeep Gajjar  (Sunny)

The MotoGrapher - Sundeep Gajjar  (Sunny)


The MotoGrapher - Sundeep Gajjar  (Sunny)

MotoGraphers & Riders from GODS

Dr.Arun Theraja, Mrs. Deepa Malik & GODS Team