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Nearest Camping Site From Delhi in Himachal Pradesh

Wednesday, July 20, 2016Atishay Jain

Most Natural & Unexplored Camping location in Himachal Pradesh

Nestling Meadows : An amazing camp site, which is approx 25 Km from Nahan, 10 KM from Jamta and 1 Km before a small village Panjhal in Himachal Pradesh. You have to take a temporary road 1 km down the main road to reach to the camp which really makes it hidden, unexplored and enclosed in nature.I recently visited to this amazing place with my wife, when we made a sudden plan to go out over the weekend. I have not made any advance reservations and started my journey at around 6-7 AM from NCR.

Road Route: Delhi- Karnal - Krukshetra - Shahbad Markanda - Kala Amb - Nahan - Jamta - (Milestone 1 KM before) Panjhal.

A few pics taken on the way from Nahan to Jamta when i was about to reach to the camp. (Note:
You may get disappointed after reaching to Nahan but after crossing it, you will enter to Jamta and then you will start seeing the natural beauty of amazing green valley around you).
Curves & the Routes

Beautiful view of valley from Jamta

Best plce for weekend trip from Delhi: Nestling Meadows Camping Site

No doubt, Nestling Meadows is one of the best place for a weekend trip from Delhi or Gurgaon.
What to say about the property and the trip, It is Ideal for corporate trips, families, solo, couples, nature lovers, trekkers, & so on. Check out a few pics of my first impression of the property-
Nestling Meadows camps
Nestling Meadows camps

Total 25 Camps
There are total 25 Camps

View of The Roof Top Restaurant
View of The Roof Top Restaurant

View from the room/tent of Nestling Meadows
View from the room/tent of Nestling Meadows

Entry of Nestling Meadows
Entry of Nestling Meadows

You can park your car here

Bar & the permanent cottage is coming up soon
Bar & the permanent cottage is coming up soon

Most amazing part of this place is the weather, which is neither cold nor hot. You can amazingly sleep without any AC, cooler or Fans. Camps/tents are made of very nice material which are rain & wind proof. It was raining all night, and neither a single drop have came in. Check out the pics of the camps from inside and outside:
View of the beds and tents from inside
View of the beds and tents from inside

Amazing camp under the amazing nature
Amazing camp under the amazing nature


I have met a few amazing people over here, the most amazing part of this place is - Service & the boy - Sanjeev, who was truly amazing, I am glad that i got a chance to take his picture ( Next time when i will visit them, I will surely take a print out of his pic :)
Sanjeev with is 2 amazing dogs
Sanjeev with is 2 amazing dogs
 What to say about the taste of the food, I am vegetarian and usually on off locations, i get tasteless food. Being a traveler, it is always hard to find Delicious food on camp site, But here everything was superb. 10/10 for amazing tasty snacks, dinner and breakfast.

Outdoor Activities

Despite the surrounding the peaceful nature, the camp also provides some fun activities like:
  • repelling (flying fox)
  • Nature Swing
  • Valley Crossing
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Commando Net
  • Commando Bridge
  • Rain Dance (Coming very soon)
  • Swimming Pool (small : 3 ft)
  • Trek to Waterfall
Nature Swing - Feel it, its awesome


Pool Area
Pool Area
Tip:  After crossing Jamta, remember to take left down road before 1 Km to Panjhal, It's a deep road which is going down to the camp site, First impression might scares you but keep going down to towards the rough small road.

Wait for some videos in my next post which I have taken while coming down from the main road to reach out to this amazing camp site near Delhi, I recommend you to visit at least once and meet Mr Manish, who is the owner of this property, he is a true human and a very nice person.

Stay Tuned! Have a great Day: Atishay

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  1. Great to read some offbeat location which are hard to find unless someone himself experiences it. I also like to visit offbeat places but they are hard to find as people talk about only known places. Really liked your article as well as amazing photographs. Keep up the good work!!! will follow your articles for future reference and keep exploring.


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